"Your personal dressing room shopping assistant."



Lux Mirror is a sales increasing tool. It solves the problem of retailers of how to sell more by offering additional items to the customers already in the store. Lux Mirror allows the customer to inform themselves about a product without the assistance of sales personnel. In addition Lux Mirror offers the customer possible replacement items and complimentary products. Due to special design (only 3,7cm thick) Lux Mirror can be placed anywhere inside the store no matter what dimensions you want your mirror to be. The perfect location to put a Lux Mirror would be the fitting room since the device has no camera installed providing 100% privacy for customers.


• It looks and feels like a standard mirror
• In addition it works as a screen
• It replaces sales personnel
• It informs and advises
• Can read bar codes
• Can read RFID chips
• It is fully remotely controlled as a stand alone device
• The products are shown through a simple interface (sizes, product info,
prices, colors, complimentary products, etc.)
• Simple installation anywhere
• No camera installed, which guarantees privacy